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Plug-into DNA resources, be it your need of a part time book-keeper or a full time administrative support function staff or a CFO. DNA trained FTE can easily fit-into your need of a part time or full time FTE. Link-in to DNA resources to find your team a CFO


DNA is a partner of Australian Cyber Security Centre – ACSC. DNA has a three point IT strategy implementation approach assisting small and medium businesses that results is cost reduction and increased efficiency and security that comprise of…


DNA Compliance includes effective bookkeeping, the numbers flows into your financial reporting in compliance with Australian Accounting Standards. From here the numbers flows into your quarterly GST/BAS return and to you annual income tax return.


DNA Tax structuring, tax advisory and tax planning division is renowned for its efficient, prompt and forward looking application of the tax laws to suit your circumstances. Due consideration is given to your business plan, future projections and family structures for best results.

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