Support Services

Plug-into DNA resources, be it your need of a part time book-keeper or a full time administrative support function staff or a CFO. DNA trained FTE can easily fit-into your need of a part time or full time FTE. Link-in to DNA resources to find your team a CFO to take your business forward through a path of growth, profit and connections.
DNA Trained Staff

DNA has developed its own team of trained, qualified and experienced accountants that can be called-in at your service either supervised by DNA or by your team. You can ‘plug-in’ to this steady stream of qualified and efficient DNA supervised offshore team members that is made available to you using Australian located and DNA supervised servers enabling your data to be within Australian located and DNA supervised premises. It is all ‘in-house’ and there is no external parties involved and no outsourcing.

Reduce Costs

Identification of key business drivers and cost elements to streamline your business processes goes a long way to generate profits through better cost management. Australian based FTE costs are a key area of focus (often constituting 50-60% of your expense line items) whereby offshoring has been an integral strategy to drive costs down without compromising quality. The costs saved can be re-deployed in areas of growth like supporting a second line of operations or simply declaring higher dividends.

CFO Service

Hiring an experienced CFO can be expensive. Many DNA clients have sought DNA linked CFO time on a monthly or quarterly basis to take their business to the next level. DNA linked CFOs can be selected from specific background and experiences each with senior level experiences in local or multinational set-ups. Often clients try-out a CFO for a six month or one-year term to experience how it assists them in their business planning and growth.

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